Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Morning of Play

After breakfast, the kids usually head to the living room to play. Cecilia and Thomas play extremely well together (not all the time, of course... but most of the time and especially lately). They generally like figures and imaginative play. Cecilia loves Disney princess and has most of the little figurines. Thomas loves Star Wars and has a bunch of the Galactic Heroes. Recently, they discovered some of my old dolls and have been loving them. Here are some pictures of them with my sad looking old dolls... :)

Eliana, in the mean time, just loves to be near the kids or me. She's able to crawl all around and so she can make sure she's in the middle of the action. The smiling shot is of her crawling towards me. One of her other favorite activities is crawling under our table (which is glass, so she can look up at us) and pulling herself up at the foot of Thomas' high chair. She looks so proud.

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Eileen said...

Your kids are so adorable! We love how PJ just gazes in admiration at Jack - no matter what he's doing. I'm sure your little Eliana is in awe of her older siblings as well! :)