Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dinner with Fr. Kevin

Before Fr. Kevin's (Cecilia & Thomas's godfather) first mass in his home town of Albany, we all went out to dinner. The kids made new friends and had many of the "grown-ups" playing with the princess and Star Wars figures :) Fr. Kevin was ordained on May 23rd in Washington, DC. (Matthew's starting to get pictures of that up on his blog).

The inside of the plane...

And here are pictures from inside the plane.


Daniel (auntie's boyfriend) got permission from the Stratton Air National Guard base to bring us on the plane he flies. The kids loved it; Thomas was in awe--of both the plane and Daniel, I think. Thomas's favorite part of the plane was the door that opens up from the side of the plane :) I couldn't choose, so here are tons of pictures.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fisher Cats Game

We went to a Fisher Cats (minor league baseball team) game on May 14th. The kids love going there and were surprised when Memere and Grandpa Marc were there too. Grandpa Marc introduced them to peanuts, which Cecilia loved! Memere has the magic touch with Eliana... they seem to have a special bond. I had to include a picture of the sumo wreslters because the kids thought that they were the best. Cecilia also loved getting her picture taken with the mascot, Fungo. She found him a couple times throughout the night.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Update on the Twins & Us

I just realized that I never gave the answer to my trivia on Cecilia and Eliana. Pictures 1 and 3 are Cecilia; pictures 2 and 4 are Eliana. They're so cute together :)

Life has been busy lately. Mark, Tamia, and Paolo just went back to Texas, so we've been visiting Londonderry every day for the past week. Life is now starting to get back to normal... until Saturday when we leave for Albany. Cecilia and Thomas's godfather has just been ordained and he is saying his first mass in Albany (where he's from) this weekend. We're going to visit with him and Matthew's sister, Marissa (who also lives in the area).

So, I'd love to get some posts with pictures up before we leave... just not sure if I'll have time yet.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

3 Kids Sitting Still.... umm, I Don't Think So

So, Marissa wanted to get some pictures of Cecilia holding her little sister. Look how nicely she's smiling and sitting still. Then I thought, "Oh, I'd love to have some photos with all 3 kids." I grabbed Matthew's camera and you can see what happens when we add an almost 3 year old boy to the mix...


Eliana was playing with Papa. She has these great cheeks, an amazing smile, and loves to talk! She smiles and babbles all the time.

Lincoln Logs with Dad

Thomas loves building and putting blocks in various trucks. Here he is playing Lincoln Logs with Matthew.

Baking with Auntie

Marissa was back in NH for Mother's Day and she decided to work on a baking project with Cecilia. She has her own apron at the Lomannos and loves to bake. You can see it on her face :)