Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I thought I had been tagged by Eileen to give some info about my hubby and me... She actually meant her other friend, Jessica, but she encouraged me to go along anyway. It's kind of fun, so enjoy!

Husband's Name: Matthew

How Long Married: 9.5 years

Dated How Long: 6 years

Taller: Matthew (5' 9"), Me (5' 6")

Who Can Sing the Best: Hmmm... Well, I'd say he's a better musician. We both love to sing, though.

Smarter: Well, he's working on his PhD... I only have half a Master's... I'm way better at directions and common sense, though :)

Laundry: Me. He used to do the laundry back in the day when I was working and he was a student, but that was a while ago now...

Paying Bills: Me

Who Sleeps on the Right side of the Bed: Stage right or house right? I'm house right, but stage left.

Mows the Lawn: The condo association where we dutifully pay our $205 a month... (Can't wait to buy a house some day.)

Cooks Dinner: That would be me. Unless it's meatloaf, then Matthew usually makes it.

First to Admit They're Wrong: TBD :)

Who Kissed First: Matthew kissed me. It was Alien Night (funny story) 1993 and he walked me back to my car (since I was his ride home and he didn't have his license yet...). He gave me a smooch before we got in the car. Then I got another that night when he asked me out. I said yes, of course. I was excited to be his girlfriend :)

Who Wears the Pants: Well, I guess he wears pants every day. Although, I'm not really a huge fan of skirts, so I really do prefer pants too. I like to be comfortable, you know?


Eileen said...

Yay! Thanks for playing along! :)

Lindsey said...

Aww! Cute. :) So, you two were high school sweethearts? I didn't realize that!

It was fun learning some things about your life. Thanks for sharing!