Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Little People, Big Personalities

I am so amused watching our children grow up and figure out the world. One of my absolute favorite things is listening to children figure out language. Thomas is definitely at that age right now. The other day, we were leaving Toys R Us and Thomas was astounded by the doors on the way out. He exclaimed, "I didn't know the doors opened by themselves!" Then he told me, "Mom, I'm very impressed of that." I love it!

Cecilia's been amusing me lately too. I really think she must be destined to be a lawyer. She's very logical. On this same trip to Toys R Us, I was reviewing the rules (no asking for things, although you can request to put things on the Christmas list). Cecilia told me she wanted to put this Fisher Price dinosaur on her Christmas list. Now, this thing is huge and loud and ridiculous... it's on display for the kids to play with at the store. So, I started to tell her, "Well, first of all, we have no place to put it. Secondly, it's a very expensive toy to ask for." She was quick with her response, "Well, first of all, the living room.... Secondly, it's not expensive, the elves will just make it!" When she started listing her reasons by number, I just about lost it. She tried this tactic on my later in the night too. Cracks me up.

Since I'm talking about kid personalities, I don't want to leave Eliana out either. I've already commented on her Italian temper (which is short...). However, she is really the happiest baby I've ever met. She has the best smile and laugh I've ever seen/heard. She seems very attentive of people and is certain to give anyone a smile who tries to get one. She's very independent and surprisingly mobile at a young age (which the other two were not). I was laughing this weekend as we got together with the big Italian Lomanno family; Eliana's my first baby who's perfectly suited to the Lomanno clan. She's in heaven in a room full of people who all want to touch her and hold her and feed her! :)


Eileen said...

So cute! I love getting to know my little guys and seeing how different they are even at such young ages. It makes me think about the nature/nurture, birth order influences and how I might affect the formation of their personalities. Here's hoping it's for the better!

Thanks for your comment on my post! I wish I'd gotten to meet you at the wedding too, since Patrick assures me that both you and Matthew are in the running for the Nicest People on the Planet Award. Maybe we can get together the next time we're visiting his family in NH. :)

Lindsey said...

Oh, Cecilia's arguement takes the cake! :D

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Lomannos. You have a beautiful family!

PS--Tell Thomas that my boys open those automatic doors with the Force.