Monday, November 24, 2008

Eliana's Eating Habits

Eliana, at just 8 months, has just decided to forsake baby food. That's for babies, right? Well, I don't need to make any more special baby food, so that's a good thing. Except that she doesn't have any teeth... so she now has a much more limited diet. (I could smoosh all kinds of things up and feed them to her when she was eating baby food.) Her normal diet now consists of 1/2 piece of toast, handful of cheerios, and half a banana for breakfast; 1/2 grilled cheese sandwich and handful of peas for lunch; pasta for dinner. I know this sounds like a lot of food for such a little person. She does eat a lot, but probably about one third of all her food ends up on the floor, her high chair, or under our shoes... She, of course, wants to pick things up herself, although she will allow us to feed her with a fork if it's real grown-up food. Here's some shots of Auntie (who came home to show off her new engagement ring!!! congratulations Marissa) feeding her some pasta. She's pretty funny when she's eating... her Italian temper comes out. She'll yell if you don't feed her fast enough. Hey, she's a growing little girl and it's frustrating to have to rely on another person to feed you.

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