Friday, March 26, 2010

Lunch with Kiddos

Cecilia: Whose birthday is coming up next? Oh yeah, Grandmemere. What do you think she'd like. (She's looking through her kid's cookbook.)

Me: Eliana, remember Grandmemere? She has animals where she lives: bunnies, birds, fish. She's in a wheelchair. Do you remember her?

Thomas: I know. What about a power chair!

Me: A power chair? Well, I think they're pretty expensive.

Thomas: No, mom, they're not . It doesn't cost a penny out of pocket! Really, it doesn't. And it goes anywhere you want to go!

Me (to myself): Have I been letting them watch too much Price is Right? Hmmm... Really, these kiddos crack me up! I love my job.

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Marlea said...

That is hysterical!