Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cicerone Party

Here are some fun pictures from the Cicerone party last weekend. Eliana just adores her brother and sister (and they adore her in return); I love the picture of her and Thomas eating cake. I really love the outdoor pictures too--especially Eliana's big grin while she's hanging from the tree.

I was noticing recently that Cecilia hasn't been in a lot of pictures when we're out at social events. She was painfully shy from ages 2-4 and now she has hit the other extreme. If there are any children at any event we go to, we won't see her unless she needs something or the party's over. (She's also a goofball.) At least she's having fun!

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Dad - Grandpa said...

I love those pigtails on my little girl - very squishable!!!