Friday, June 5, 2009

Houston Trip, Day 1

So, of course one of our first stops in Houston was Amy's Ice Cream :) We had an agreement that we'd go every single day of our trip (and we did!). The kids loved it. We spent the morning (once we finally woke up--we got in so very late the night before) walking around UST and visiting some friends there. Later in the day, we headed over to the Wilson's house for dinner and visiting. The kids had instant friends. Cecilia and Susannah especially hit it off. They made these necklaces together and Cecilia wore hers for the rest of the vacation.


Lindsey said...

I love the pictures! Where's Anthony, though? I hope I get to see the other shots, too!

Wow, Amy's every day?! How fun! My apologies for serving that fluffy Dreyers stuff!

The Lomanno Family said...

Yes, he has LOTS more shots. I just included ones that included my kiddos. I don't know when he'll get to them, but we'll let you know when he does.

Lindsey said...

That's okay. I know he's really busy with jobs, so I didn't want to sound impatient! :)