Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Cecilia had requested that we read The Little Mermaid, so she, Thomas, and I cuddled up on the bed and read the story. The story ends with Ariel and Prince Eric marrying.

When we finished reading, Thomas turned to me and told me, "I think I want to marry Charlotte actually."

Me: "Oh, that would be okay with me. Charlotte's a cutie, and she can even talk now (she's 21 months), which is lots of fun."

Thomas: thinking, then... "Mom, do you think Charlotte knows how to kiss?"

Me: trying not to laugh or look shocked, "Umm, probably. I suppose we could ask her mom."

Thomas: "Well, maybe I can just teach her."


Eileen said...

Ha ha! Sounds like you've got a little Casanova on your hands! :)

The Lomanno Family said...

Oh yes, he's absolutely ridiculous. He cracks me up... definitely a little boy.