Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Here are some fun pictures from our church's Mahrajan (Arabic for festival). Lots of yummy Lebanese food, like kibbeh, tabouleh, hummous, falafel, baklawa... yum. This year, you could also rent "houkka", which looked like some type of bong thing... It's a middle eastern thing and I guess you smoke some kind of special tobacco? Lots of Lebanese music and dancing. Very fun.


Lindsey said...

No that's an interesting twist on the church festival--bong rental! Haha!

I love your pictures and I really enjoy learning about your Melkite parish. Your children look like they are having buckets of fun!

Catherine said...

How fun! Nathaniel has a hooka from his days in the Middle East! I would be surprised to see one at church though!!