Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Update on the Twins & Us

I just realized that I never gave the answer to my trivia on Cecilia and Eliana. Pictures 1 and 3 are Cecilia; pictures 2 and 4 are Eliana. They're so cute together :)

Life has been busy lately. Mark, Tamia, and Paolo just went back to Texas, so we've been visiting Londonderry every day for the past week. Life is now starting to get back to normal... until Saturday when we leave for Albany. Cecilia and Thomas's godfather has just been ordained and he is saying his first mass in Albany (where he's from) this weekend. We're going to visit with him and Matthew's sister, Marissa (who also lives in the area).

So, I'd love to get some posts with pictures up before we leave... just not sure if I'll have time yet.

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