Friday, February 15, 2008

Movie Night

The kids stayed up for a movie night--complete with popcorn, of course. We watched old Superman cartoons. Thomas, as you can see, was in character (cape and all).

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Lindsey said...

Oh I bet they loved that! Leo has a really pitiful Spiderman costume. It has ripped at most of the fact, I had to convert it to "capri" pants because the lower half of the legs were tearing. Haha! But he wears that thing around the house with zeal (and sometimes with cowboy boots;). He looks like Spiderman that got into a really serious tussle. Is Superman Thomas' favorite?

All of you look great...and Jessica, you look pretty ready to have that baby! You are lovely!

bret75 said...

Hi guys,
Looks like a fun night!! (We don't quite have as much fun here in the Society) I love the Superman costume :)
Jessica, it looks like you must be due soon, you will be in my thoughts and prayers that all will go well for you and baby.
I will be at Fairfield Prep next year so I will have to come up for visit when I get back to New England.

All the best.
- Bret

Paolo said...

I recommend Bob the Builder and Sesame Street cartoons!